So God Made a Farmer

Paul HarveyWatching this Ram truck ad almost brings tears to my eyes. There are several reasons for this. First, I grew up on a farm. Both of my parents grew up on farms. My parents, parents grew up on farms and became farmers. The one set of Great Grandparents I knew as a child had been farmers. My older brother will likely one day take over my Dad’s farm and the lineage of Johnson farmers will continue. So, my heritage goes deep in the farming community. I usually don’t bother watching Super Bowl ads during the Super Bowl. I like watching the game and the commercials are the only time one has a chance to get up and get food, go to the bath room, get another drink, talk about the game, etc. It is easy enough to go back and watch the good Super Bowl commercials later online after the game.

However, when this ad came on I couldn’t help but stop what I was doing and turn my attention back to the TV. I heard Paul Harvey’s voice… a voice I had not heard in years but would recognize anywhere. Let me just say that I miss Paul Harvey and his presentation of the news. There is nothing like it out there any more. Thinking about Paul Harvey’s passing makes me sad and it gives me sense of nostalgia. But I could listen to the speech he made without tearing up. It was the images of farmers, old and young, that got to me. It brought back to me memories of growing up on a farm in middle-of-no-where Kansas and the joy of being a caretaker of the land. Let me tell you this, farmers work hard, and sometimes they wonder if it has all been worth it. But farming isn’t just about growing crops or raising cattle. It is about building character. Thank you Dad, for being a farmer, and teaching me to be one too.

So if you haven’t seen it or if you haven’t seen it since it aired during the Super Bowl… here it is again.

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