Government Shutdown Nonsense

In addition to federally-funded institutions, the Obama administration is also closing hundreds of privately-funded parks as part of the partial suspension of government services. Why?

Why? I’ll tell you why… because there is a bunch of crooks in the White House. Why else would they shut down privately funded parks? And open air memorials like the WWII Memorial? I used to live 25 miles outside of DC… I’ve probably been to that memorial a dozen or more times. I was living there when they built it. There is a nearby building that is an information booth and for a few hours a day it is staffed. But you can visit the memorial any time day or night whether staff is there or not! So why close the entire memorial during the government shutdown? Publicity! They want the publicity! Harry Reid and Obama wanted the government to shut down or they would have not let it happen! And they want it to be as painful as possible for all Americans so they can stand around and blame the Republicans! I don’t stinking care who’s fault it is! Don’t use open air memorials and privately funded parks for your own political gain!

Don’t believe me? Read This. Why would they go through so much trouble to block the WWII memorials and not the others? Because blocking the WWII memorial from Honor Flight Vets makes the news and they (Obama and his cronies) know it!

UPDATE: This is getting absolutely ridiculous. The kind of stuff this administration is pulling should help reserve Obama’s spot on the worst US President’s of all time list. Seriously! Read this article and tell me it does not just infuriate you. I get the fact that the republicans are just as much at fault for this shut down as the dems… but Obama is creating chaos and hardship for folks where it is not warranted just to create chaos and make this shut down as bad as possible for as many as possible. He is heartless and if anyone thinks he cares one bit about your well-being you need to stop drinking the kool-aid.

UPDATE 2: Talk about temper tantrum. Have you ever wondered what it looks like when a politician acts like a two-year old? Well, just turn on the TV, and if you can stand it, find a channel where Obama is talking. Along with all the other stuff he is trying to shut down, he is now trying to shut down the ocean. Yes, you read that right. The Ocean. Federal park workers are reporting that they have been told to make things as difficult as possible for the American people during this government shutdown. I thought America was against bullies? Just by the fact that Obama occupies the strongest position in the world, it makes him the most powerful person in the world. In grade school when the biggest, most powerful kid in the class picks on the little guys, it is called bullying. When the President does it, apparently he is just doing his job.

And it Continues: So, the nonsense continues. Today it was revealed that at some point the Government shut down the main Amber Alert Website. You were re-directed to a screen that said something to the effect of, “Due to the government shut down, this website is not available.” However, when checked at the same time was still up and running. It is a website that provides information and services about children staying healthy and is part of an initiative started by Michelle Obama. So apparently providing information about how to keep kids healthy is more essential that finding kids that have gone missing.

Even More: The stories just keep rolling in! Today, Todd Starnes, wrote an article about how the Government is making it difficult for children to get to school in one Tennessee County. Another article points out that privately run businesses have been forced to close, even though during the last shut down they were allowed to remain open.

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