About Me

meNot sure why you ended up here but for some reason you are reading this so I’ll divulge a little about myself. I started this blog partly because I felt I needed a place to get some thoughts down on paper… but I don’t like using paper so I thought I would store them here.

I also started it to practice building websites on WordPress. I do website design in and around my community for small businesses and non-profits and I needed a website I could practice/play with. You can tell I don’t update it much, but I also started it to express my views on certain topics, tell stories about fatherhood, and generally, I just wanted a place to express my thoughts in the endless sea of thought germs we call the World Wide Web that is accessed via the Internet.

I'm a father of three awesome kiddos (2 girls and a boy) and husband to my beautiful wife of 16 years. I am 42 years old, my oldest daughter is 13 and my youngest daughter is 10. My son is 7. They keep me quite busy.

Yes… I am such a geek, I wrote some code (actually, I copied someone else’s code and modified it to make it work for my purposes) to keep the ages of my kids, myself, and the number of years I’ve been married up-to-date without me having to update this page after every birthday and anniversary. 🙂

If you had not already guessed it I work for a non-profit Christian ministry called Compassion International. Click the menu button for Compassion to find out more.